MINDA apps and app strategy


LIC’s previous mobile product (MINDA Mobile for Windows Mobile) was monolithic, with hundreds of features. The project was very expensive and users found the complexity daunting. Worst of all, Microsoft discontinued the Windows Mobile operating system while the software was still in development.

In 2011 I succesfully evangelised a paradigm shift to single feature apps within LIC, and developed a multi app strategy for MINDA. This strategy fit with emerging best practice, but it also helped set customer expectations (not a direct replacement for the older product). Most importantly it overcame the trepidation of internal stakeholders resulting from the high cost of the earlier mobile project.

I designed each MINDA app to focus on a single on-farm activity, with a guided process to maximise ergonomics in distracting outdoor environments. This is a good fit with farming in general, as it tends to divide up into discrete, seasonal activities.